Friday, 24 October 2014

CPR Completes Upgrades at Fannie Mae

During the past 10 months, CP&R performed Building Envelope & Waterproofing Upgrades at Fannie Mae’s corporate office located in Reston, Virginia. The scope of the project involved complete removal of the existing lighting, drainage, planters, pavers, topping slabs, and waterproofing at the West Plaza and Rotunda as well as selective demolition, concrete repairs, precast panels, and unit masonry assemblies.

The project also involved manufacturing and installing custom architectural exposed structural steel trellis, custom glass canopies, new pavers, planters and all new state of the art lighting and landscaping. This project took place during one of the worst winters this area has seen in twenty years. There were also many challenges throughout this project due to hidden and unforeseen conditions but CPR was able to work very close with Fannie Mae’ s design team and engineers to minimize cost and delays.

Curious to see the outcome of this project? Take at a look at the pictures!

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